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Yesterday I did a research on why people are clearing the shelves of toilet paper around the world. The consensus and results were people are afraid. This is their way of taking control. Why toilet paper? It makes no sense. Fear or panic never makes sense. Because someone did it, someone else copied it and followed. The corona virus does not make people have diarrhea, so it makes no sense at all. One nation had a shortage because their paper was made in China. Therefore, others followed.

It can be easy to fall into these things since it seems the store shelves are empty of these products. But let’s not fear or act foolish but remain in peace.

Remain in wisdom. God says in James, if any man asks you for wisdom, it is given liberally. James 1:5 There are things you and I should be doing in the natural which are wise. I don’t know about you, but I am a fanatic on washing my hands. Keeping my home clean as possible is one of my pet peeves too. These are natural things we should be doing everyday anyhow.

Because I am of a more mature age, I will not fear for no plague will come near me. Psalm 91:10

I just want to encourage you to be saying things which uplift your spirits instead of, “I am afraid of this virus.” It is much easier to say, “I take authority through the blood of Jesus Christ and no plague will come near my dwelling.” Another easy one, God has not given me a spirit of fear, but of power, love and a sound mind. “Fear, you, have no power over me in Jesus Name.”
Let’s rejoice and be glad today!