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Capture A City Through Praise (Paperback)


Amazing Love – 2 CD set


Atmosphere of Praise and Worship – CD


Pitiful or Powerful: The Choice Is Yours – Paperback


Victim to Victor: The Choice Is Yours


Dear Supporters,

Rachel Jeffries International Ministries has released its fastest selling book to date, “Pitiful or Powerful: The Choice Is Yours.” This material invites you to actively engage in your destiny. Take the limitations off and expect miracles. This is your year! This is your hour! Don’t wait for January 2017 to begin. Now is the time! “Capture a City Through Praise,” has an updated cover and is full of pictures and miracles. A subtitle has also been added, “A Guide To Intercessory Praise.” This book clearly identifies how to take back your life, your city and the nations through worship of God and changing your focus from what hasn’t happened to what is possible. Check availability on Kindle as well.

In 2003, when Rachel’s daughter, Barjeana was diagnosed with terminal cancer, Rachel went into her “secret place” with God and recorded 73 minutes of instrumental worship. This CD is entitled, “Atmosphere of Prayer and Worship.” There are no breaks or interruptions on this CD. It is perfect for those who have heavy hearts or are facing challenging situations. The anointing breaks the yoke of bondage! (1 John 2:20) Barjeana has outlived her 6-month death sentence and is now celebrating her 14th year of healing. God is amazing.

This CD was birthed during what the enemy meant to be turmoil and reaches into the heart of the hurting. Many churches use this CD pre-service as well as during communion. Professional musicians have raved about this CD and the fluency that was created during the recording of this beautiful piano music. It is the heart of a mother to the heart of God. 2016 was a year of revival and from it the CD “Amazing Love” was part of it. This CD set of two was recorded with live instruments and vocals, including the lyrics to each song so that it can be used as a worhip tool. Rachel Jeffries wrote all but two songs and the titles include: “Come Into This Place”, “Amazing Love”, “O My Darling, You Are Mine”, and the newest favorite, “I Am Free!” The books are available through www.rjim.org, or on Amazon or other retailers as well as on iTunes and Spotify.

Rachel Jeffries