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Well, today I had a company cancel my order and never sent me any notice of it.  I had given a gift to some friends who needed what I ordered and they needed it like yesterday.  So I called the company tonight to find out why they had not received the gift.  They had no reason why it was cancelled.  They had not notified me it was cancelled.  Their customer service was making demands of me.  I lost it.  I said, “No I am not going to do that.  It is your problem, not mine.”  If you cannot get your act together, I will purchase from someone else.

I don’t remember ever doing such a thing.  The Bible says, “Be angry and sin not.” Ephesians 4:26
Did I commit a sin? Well, let’s say I did not curse or call them a ugly name like stupid etc. (By the way that is something I would never do.)  I guess you can say I did not sin.  LOL!  But my attitude was not the most edifying. However, I did apologize to the man trying to be customer service.  Bless his heart.  But I did not change my mind either.  I had made up my mind I would go elsewhere if they did not co-operate. I am glad to say they did come through with the item and my friends are enjoying it.  They redeemed themselves.

I think sometimes we put up with nonsense.  The devil wants to make demands on your life, your time and your energy.  When he does that, we need to be angry and sin not.  Yell to the top your lungs if you have to, “No devil I am not doing that.” It is your issue and Jesus took care of my issue a long time ago.  So in the authority of that name that took it all, I am not buying into your demands.  I am the one in charge and I demand you in that name that is above all names, JESUS CHRIST to desist your maneuvers.

PRAYER: I take my place in the heavenly realm lifting up Jesus as my Lord.  I take the position of king and priest unto Him.  Satan, Jesus won over you victoriously.  You have nothing to do with me.  I will not do anything that you try to push me to.  I do the will of the Father God.  I have authority over you and I speak to sin, disease and poverty.  You get out of my life in Jesus Name.  It is the will of God that I proper and be in health as my soul prospers.  It is written in 3 John 2. AMEN!

CONFESSION: I sit in the heavenliest high above every principality, power and might.  Nothing the devil demands is mine.  He has to lift his hands off my finances, my life and my family in Jesus Name.  I have the right to demand of him to loose everything he is trying to do.  Jesus has given that privilege to me.  LUKE 10:19, Ephesians 2:5-6  HALLELUJAH!