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I found some sermon notes I preached when I was 17 years old.  It has been fun finding things like that; things like wading through history in photos and writings of the past.   At one point it seemed so mundane in some ways.  But when I found treasures of life it made it more interesting.  This was a task I had dreaded.  However, I finished it yesterday as it had been placed on my priority lists to many times.  The days would come and go and it would go to the next day.  Have you ever had this happen?  Things have come up many times that took priority over the priority list.  LOL!


One thing I have not given up as priority is spending time with the Lord.  That has to be number one.  I would never finish If I did not keep that priority.  God is helping me every day to get things done and completed. There is fulfillment is completing tasks.  It is not idle time but accomplishment. It is foundation building.

In life there are things that confront us and as we overcome we can find that experience was a treasure to remember.  So let us dig deep into our hearts and allow God to uncover treasures within us. It is through His Word we find things come up that show us just where the treasures are. 

PRAYER: LORD, help me uncover and find the treasures you have for my life.  I go to you in prayer and I ask for the Holy Spirit to direct me to those things in life that are wholesome, good and developing of my spirit man.  I allow Him to deeply affect my life.  AMEN!

CONFESSION: I dare to believe what God says.  He says I have treasures in Him.  I have salvation, peace, wholeness, fullness of life, abundance, health, and joy.  I allow them to flourish in my life today.  HALLELUJAH!