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God has given me a BIG vision! I feel to ask each of you to slay the giant with me in this ministry.

What does that mean, you may ask?

In looking over our mailing list I realized just how easy it would be to slay some assignments the Lord has given me, just by each person giving a small amount each month. If each person who reads this only committed $10 a month the income would increase by a sizeable amount, like over $3,000 a month. There is a lot which can be done much faster with funds!

Some of you are doing much more than that already and I cannot thank you enough. Those who are not doing anything because you might not sense you can be that important I want you to know you are important and just a small amount can really slay the giant when so many do it together.

As in the Bible, when everyone thought David was too small and insignificant to do a BIG job like fight the giant, Goliath. David didn’t see it that way! He gave what little he had, 5 small stones, and God filled in the rest as David not only fought Goliath, but conquered him! With the power of God, David, slayed the giant with one small stone!

 Please pray and help slay the giant as we make headway one part of our vision at a time.

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