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Rachel Jeffries; an Author, Musican,

and Teacher/Preacher.

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Rachel Jeffries was born again at the age of 8 years old. She played piano for the church at age 9 and received the baptism of the Holy Spirit at the age of 10 and was also called by God to ministry at that time. By age 12 she had become the lead pianist at her church.  She was the youngest student ever allowed to attend the Holmes Bible College in Greenville, S.C; at age 15.  When she graduated from high school at the age of 17 she was thrust immediately into full time ministry. During which, she also served as the lead musician for an evangelistic team traveling throughout 16 states within the eastern United States.

After that assignment, she went to Cuba serving on a musical evangelistic team. Doors were open to preach in the cities and villages and they also ministered by daily programs on radio. This continued until 1960 when Americans were asked to leave the country of Cuba.

The next twenty years were spent in Southern California serving in numerous churches as associate pastor along with her husband and as Senior Pastor.  Doors were opened as well to speak in other areas of the United States and Canada.  Their ministry was productive in training and mentoring numerous ministers throughout the years. 

In 1984 God called them to the nation of Norway. There she taught the people the power of praise. This message prepared the way for revival in that nation.  She was blessed with the opportunity to train musicians how to flow in their gifts. This training enabled them to bring the people into a more intimate relationship with the Lord through their music. Her time  in the Scandinavian countries was a productive time.  The doors were opened to publish her first book which was translated into twelve languages. Capture a City through Praise is still available today by internet. The revised version of the same book is available by this site or www.amazon.com

Through being obedient to follow the plan and call of God to Finland and Norway other nations opened for her to teach in Russia, Romania, Poland, Israel, as well as Finland, Sweden and Denmark.

In 1994 the Lord led her back to school for a season to complete her Bible School training which she had started at age 15. During those two years at RHEMA Bible Training Center she wrote Dear Joseph which is a personal letter to Joseph. She also wrote The History of the Pentecostal Holiness Movement, during that time.

In 1998 her husband passed away, but she continued on with the ministry.  She served at A Glorious Church in Collinsville, OK as praise and worship leader. After serving time there for three years the Lord led her back to CA where she served as Director of a Healing Ministry.  Her job included training and equipping teams to minister to those needing healing.

During 2008, Rachel Jeffries International Ministries refocused on Praise, Prayer and Healing Conferences. The materials used in these conferences are suited for small groups and/or large three day meetings.

Some of the Six Top topics covered in these meeting are:

  • The Ten Kinds of Prayer
  • Grief and Loss Recovery
  • Divorce Repair
  • Victory Over Abuse
  • Personality Profile
  • Praise and Worship Team Training
  • Gifts of the Holy Spirit in the Present Day Church
  • Road to Wholeness, Road to Wholeness is a study God gave her which deals with wholeness in spirit, soul and body. 

Revival and the history of it is a strong thrust of her ministry. Her recent assignment from God is to teach the body of Christ to pray effectively for revival within the United States.   The fresh word to give hope to the nations is awakening prayers.  Without awakening to God this country nor any other will have lasting change. 

Rachel Jeffries is a seasoned minister having served in various positions in the body of Christ.  She walks in the apostolic and prophetic anointing.  She has visited many nations where it was spiritually dark and saw the Word of God demonstrated in power.  Rachel teaches authority over forces of evil through the power of Christ Jesus.  Praise is a strong emphasis in her life and ministry.

She is instrumental in helping establish numerous churches in America as well as other nations.  Some refer to her as “Pastor to the Pastor”.

She teaches the Word of God with power and the anointing brings forth new life to the hearers.  The gifts of the Holy Spirit flow out of her through Word and Song as the Holy Spirit wills. She believes in the transformation power of God through Jesus Christ. 


She is the author CAPTURE A CITY THROUGH PRAISE which was mentioned above as available on www.rjim or www.amazon.com  She has also written TEN KINDS OF PRAYER which teaches you to pray effectively, WALKING THROUGH THE VEIL OF TEARS, subtitle, “The Widow’s Walk and the Widow’s Diary”,   YOU ARE GOD’S GARDEN, CAPTURE THE NATIONS THROUGH PRAISE and THE ROAD TO WHOLENESS

She may be contacted at 870-422-2908 or rachelvjeffries@yahoo.com

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